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Coffing EC Model Electric Chain Hoists

Coffing EC model electric chain hoists are high performance electric chain hoists loaded with high performance parts and designed to fit most job applications.

Please click the Hoist Search button and use the PRODUCT SEARCH application to find the exact Coffing EC chain hoist you need. If you are not sure of what type of hoist application you need, please contact us.

Hoist specifications that would be helpful to know ahead of time include the following:

  • Single phase or 3 phase

  • Lifting Capacity - 1/2 Ton, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, 5 Ton, etc...

  • Voltage - 115V / 208V / 230V, etc...

  • Suspension Type - Hook Mount, Push Trolley or Motorized Trolley

  • Desired Lift Speed

  • Required headroom clearance

Gears and Transmission  
First stage helical gearing on EC small frame; first and third stage helical gearing on EC large frame. Transmission gears are precision machined of alloy steel and run in oil bath for longer, quieter operation. Coffing EC Hoist Gears and Transmission
Mechanical Load Brake  
Weston type, controls load lowering and prevents load drift. Holds rated load independent of multiple disc motor brake. Coffing EC Hoist Mechanical Load Brake
Multiple Disc Motor Brake  
Heavy duty, direct acting design for positive load spotting and holding. Coffing EC Model Hoist Multiple Disc Motor Brake
Ergonomic Push Button Control  
Fits operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation. 24 Volt Control standard for operator safety. 115 Volt Control available upon request. NEMA 3R (weather resistant).

Constructed of glass-filled nylon for severe impact and chemical/corrosive
atmosphere resistance.
Coffing EC Hoist Push Button Control
5 Pocket Load Sheave  
Increases chain and sheave engagement 25% over hoists with conventional 4 pocket sheaves. Provides smoother lifting and reduces chain wear over four pocket
Coffing EC Model Hoist Five Pocket Load Sheave
Limit Switches  
Adjustable to regulate upper and lower load travel. Brass nuts standard for improved switch setting and repeatability. Stainless steel limit switch shaft standard. Coffing EC Model Hoist Limit Switch
Solid State Starting Switch  
Standard on single phase units. Provides greater reliability and starting consistency than centrifugal switches - fewer components to wear out or fail. Coffing EC Hoist Starting Switch
Panel Plate  
Provides easy access to controls and motor leads for changing voltage on dual-voltage motors or performing hoist maintenance. Connection wires are numbered to assist maintenance or repair. Coffing EC Hoist Panel Plate
Chain End Stop Assembly  
Fits below dead end link on lifting chain for added measure of safety. Coffing EC Hoist Chain End Stop Assembly
Overload Clutch  
Protects hoist, operator, and supporting structures from damaging overloads, chain jamming, and reverse phasing. Coffing EC Hoist Overload Clutch
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